Over the past couple of years the sweepstakes industry has seen Explosive growth! In fact, this industry has developed so rapidly, that nearly anyone can start their own sweepstakes business! A few years ago it could cost you as much as $3500.00 per sweepstakes terminal. Now the cost has dropped significantly to an all time low (approximately $500.00 per terminal). However, with these lowered prices come the sharks. Prior to the year 2008 there were approximately 5 software companies that were in the business. Now there are nearly 30 different types out there. Many of these companies are not knowledgeable in the business, and you, the investor, can be eaten alive. That’s where PromoTek Sweepstakes comes in. We explain the difference and help educate you on the types of software and why PromoTek Sweepstakes is the BEST choice.

“What sweepstakes software should I use?” We know software and more than anything, we know Sweepstakes Software. Many staff members have helped deploy most of the reputable sweepstakes software that is available. All software is NOT the same. Our math model has been designed, developed and utilized for many years.  Most companies choose not to share information on this subject. Suffice it to say, that PromoTek has been in the sweepstakes business since before the year 2000, which means we have been developing, designing and installing winning software solutions for our clients longer than anyone else.


The Product

When a consumer plays sweepstakes, they purchase a product. Just like McDonalds Monopoly Sweepstakes game, the customer buys a product like a cheeseburger or a Coca-Cola. Attached to those products are sweepstakes entries. This kind of sweepstakes can be complex and at times require a combination of entries to win. Other sweepstakes are much more simplified where the customer can scratch off a film to see if they have won a prize, or they simply log onto the internet and visit the company’s website; and type in a number combination that is from a cap or sweeps entry. All of these types of sweepstakes are designed to encourage their customers to buy products that they otherwise may not have.

PromoTek’s Internet Sweepstakes machines take this concept and apply it to our online promotional games. Players can purchase your products and compete for prizes while You reap the financial rewards! In fact, the large companies, like McDonalds, have been using sweepstakes for years and benefiting from huge profits. These large corporations know that offering consumers a chance to win something will attract them to purchase more products instead of the competitor’s. Sweepstakes is considered to be the #1 marketing tool available to businesses. Everyone wants a chance to win something for free. Why purchase a similar product from someone else, when it can be purchased from your business with a chance to win a prize? It’s that simple and this equals Huge Profits!

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