Please review the list of packages we offer. We can customize any type of package to suit your budget requirements. Game Terminal packages (Basic, Business and Professional) are typically designed for Internet Café and Business Centers.

Internet Sweepstakes Kiosks and Sweepstakes Gaming Cabinets can be placed in Convenience Stores, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, or any other type of facility that can benefit from Promotional Sweepstakes revenue.

We work with many Operators and Distributors throughout Europe, North America and South America. We also have programs for Investors.  An Investor will be placed on our list, and when a store owner in your territory needs financial assistance for our products, we will send them your way. Call us to ask about how you can become an Operator, Distributor or an Investor. Please make sure to include all corporate contact information and country of origin.





* The pricing graph shown above is for easy reference only.
* There are numerous configurations and options that are available. Some of these include card readers, various monitor sizes, touch screen monitors, all-in-ones, custom cabinets, sweepstakes desks, re-loaders, safes, surveillance systems, and much more.

** PromoTek Sweepstakes, its affiliates, and subsidiaries reserve the right to change pricing and/or options that are shown hereon at any time.

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