Our gallery shows sweepstakes internet cafes , business centers, restaurants, bars and convenience stores that use sweepstakes software to help raise awareness of the products they sale. These businesses have learned what large corporations have known for years; that Sweepstakes Promotions are the single most effective marketing tool available.


Internet Sweepstakes operates on the same premise as promotions offered by fast food restaurants, beverage companies and other retailers, but with the luxury of having sweepstakes kiosks and game terminals in their retail establishments.


Our clients turn to us when they want to open a successful sweepstakes franchise. They know that our expert knowledge in the industry is unsurpassed. We have helped open hundreds of locations in theUnited Statesand territories, and our track record speaks for itself.


Call us today, and you can share in the craze of sweepstakes machines that are sweeping the nation. If you are interested and want to learn more about how sweepstakes gaming equipment can help you, we are ready to help you succeed.


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