PromoTek games have an assortment of equipment to meet all of our clients’ requirements. We can design and supply nearly every possible configuration. To make the experience effortless, we have partnered with Prestige Gaming Solutions. Prestige has been in the gaming industry for years and was happy to affiliate itself with PromoTek Sweepstakes. From the initial consultation and CAD Design, to the development and supplying of a complete turnkey installation, PromoTek is your complete sweepstakes headquarters.


Internet Sweepstakes Kiosk / Totem  –  Game Terminal  – Gaming Cabinets

Internet Sweepstakes Kiosk/Totem is our new sleek Italian design that has received rave reviews. These can be placed in locations that
These include Hotels, Malls, Airports, Family Restaurants, Laundromats, Hair & Nail Salons, Bowling Alleys and Special Event Venues. The smooth lines and ergonomic features make for an extremely attractive Kiosk/Totem.previously would not have been considered a typical market.

The customer simply pays for Internet time at the Kiosk. The customer then has the option to go to several popular websites, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. If the customer wishes to reveal the free sweepstakes entries,

Game Terminals, also known as “CPU’s”, are our most popular for Internet Sweepstakes they simply click on the “Reveal Entries” tab where they have the option to play the games or reveal all of the entries at once.

Cafés and Internet Sweepstakes Business Centers. We supply the CPU, monitors, wiring kits, switches, firewalls, POS (point of sale), sweepstakes desks, seating and any other component to help make the sweepstakes network operate properly.

Typically, the customer will pay at the service desk to purchase Internet time where one will receive free sweepstakes entries. Of course, the free sweepstakes entries can be issued for the purchase of any other retail product as desired by the company whom is using the promotional equipment to help increase business.

We have many options to choose from, including monitor size and sweepstakes desk stlyes that will facilitate your sweepstakes business in standing out.

Gaming Cabinets can be used for any type of setup. We have a very large selection of Sweepstakes Equipment to choose from. We offer slim line stand up, slim line sit down, metal sweepstakes cabinets, sweepstakes desks and more. If you have a design you like, simply forward us an image or shop drawings and we will assist you in achieving your goals.

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Surveillance Systems  –  Safes

PromoTek has a great selection of everything you will need to help protect your business. It is important to have a good surveillance system in place. Our technicians will install a state of the art system for you. The models we use provide our clients access from anywhere on the planet. You can even have access to view your sweepstakes locations from your smart phone.

PromoTek recommends depository safes. Your employees can have access to parts of the safe while leaving the deposit section secure from theft. We offer various styles of safes to meet your needs.

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Promotional Equipment

Promotional equipment is a great option for any Sweepstakes Business. Brass raffle drums and prize wheels help add to the attraction of winning more prizes.

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PromoTek has great rates on ATM’s to help you continue your trek to success. It is important to have an ATM in your facility so that your customers have the luxury of immediate access to onsite cash.

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Our partnership with Prestige Gaming Solutions gives our clients an extensive selection of products to choose from. These include lighting, carpet, casino style seating, executive chairs, design & layout consultation and much more. Please contact us today to learn how PromoTek can help you with a turnkey Sweepstakes Gaming solution.

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