Beware of who you do business with…

It can be treacherous out there. People are making A Lot of money in the video sweepstakes business. When there is money to be made, there are the good guys and the bad guys. We have seen our share of these shady characters first hand. Watch out!



Games are Not Making any Money, No Support…

We have seen this time and again. New clients call us; frantically trying to find better sweepstakes software to convert to. Many times these individuals shut their doors after only a few months in business. What is the reason? Some are not legitimate sweepstakes and end up in trouble with the law, so they have no choice but to shut their doors. Quite a few have such a hard time getting technical support that their systems shut themselves down due to maintenance problems. Others cannot get back in touch with the sales person that sold them the software in the beginning. And the Biggest reason of all is that the software that some of these sweepstakes gaming businesses have installed is just clearly, NO GOOD! The math model is not designed properly, the games lack entertainment quality, and the customers just do not like the games!



What can I do?

PromoTek is here to help your struggling business. We frequently get calls from these victimized clients that have unknowingly purchased questionable software from a salesman. These business owners need software they can trust. They need a better assortment of sweepstakes games and they are looking for honest advice. We will change out the bad software and replace it with the best Web-Based Sweepstakes Platform that only PromoTek offers. Our games have stood the test of time and have been helping people make fortunes!


If you have been in the sweepstakes business for awhile or are just starting out, it is important to know that this industry can be extremely rewarding. It can also cost you dearly if you deal with the wrong companies. We have opened hundreds of locations, are knowledgeable in most all areas of the industry, and our clients have been extremely successful! Contact us today so we can help you get up and running.

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