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Friday, 12 April, 2013

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Monday, 14 November, 2011

Whether you are just beginning a new career or you are an experienced professional, consider a career with PromoTek Sweepstakes.  We are looking for self-motivated individuals to join our dynamic team. We deploy state-of-the-art sweepstakes gaming systems to start-ups and existing companies. We have a national presence whereby offering unlimited opportunities inUSmarkets and abroad. Throughout your career, expect to be challenged by your prospective clients and the people on your team.

For more information please review our job openings below:


Position Requirements 

  • Self-motivation
  • Great work ethic
  • Able to perform tasks as assigned
  • Problem solving  skills
  • Minimum 2 years experience in sales
  • Basic knowledge of computers and email
  • Ability to prepare and maintain written documents
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Talent in meeting and speaking with prospective clients effectively
  • Basic knowledge of computer networking and installations a plus


About the Job

A salesperson will create new leads, develop client relations, do basic site surveys, present sweepstakes solutions specifically for each individual client, help clients recognize specific business necessitates, and help them achieve those requirements. To excel in this position, a salesperson will need a strong sales background and excellent networking/social skills.

We are looking for sales people in most US States and territories


Apply Now


IT Specialist

Position Requirements

  • Self-motivation
  • Great work ethic
  • Able to perform tasks as assigned
  • Problem solving skills
  • Advanced knowledge of computers
  • Aptitude to prepare and maintain written documents
  • Minimum 1 year experience in basic networking
  • Ability to install computer hardware, software, and networks
  • Ability to install and maintain remote connectivity technology
  • Working knowledge of Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and in written
  • Expertise in providing on-site and remote, hardware and software technical support for field technicians and customers
  • Sales experience a plus


About the Job:

IT Specialists are required to install Industry specific hardware & software, perform full on-site installations, network locations as required using CAT-5/6 cabling, assist clients on-site & remotely with basic IT questions, customer service, travel to assigned locations, physically be able to lift and move equipment, keep a detailed log of all activity, visit probable sweepstakes locations for basic informational purposes and site surveys.

Looking for IT Specialist in most US States and territories


Apply Now



Internet Kiosk / Totem

Wednesday, 9 November, 2011

Introducing our new INTERNET KIOSK developed as a new proprietary cabinet style Sweepstakes unit. It is a perfect revenue generating tool for the Sweepstakes industry. In fact, there is nothing like it in production. The Sweepstakes Kiosk is self-sufficient (does not require an employee to operate and make sales), earns 4 times as much money, is 100% Certified and compliant. It is truly “Plug and Play”.

Our clients have been deploying these units in restaurants, bars, truck stops, bowling alleys, Laundromats, Internet cafes, business centers, convenience stores, pawn shops, fraternal organizations, air ports, oil changing franchises and more.

All you need is a high speed Internet connection; plug it in and you’re ready to start earning money. These units have proven to make a Great addition to existing Sweepstakes Cafes; earning 4x as much money and sometimes half of the overall business revenue!


There are several cabinet models to choose from including a “bar-top” unit. The Internet Sweepstakes Kiosk features:


Helping your store become profitable:

Benefits of a Credit Based System

Sunday, 9 October, 2011

The benefits of the Credit-Base System over the Billing System are substantial! With the older Client-Server models that uses the Billing System; you have to go to the store, do a count of cash in the register versus product (typically Internet time) sold, that takes immeasurable amounts of time and energy to accomplish. Annually, that could equal over a 1000 hours of wasted time that you could be doing something else more productive.


Credit-Based System





As long as a business owner maintains their inventories like any responsible business, then the owner will experience Great Success in their Sweepstakes Business!


Billing System



Simply stated, it is a matter of Fact, that the Credit System is the most efficient method available for our clientele. At first glance, many of our clients are concerned about paying for credits in advance to selling them. The bottom line is that you pay pennies on the dollar for credits that are transformed into cash in your register. If you pay $2500 for 10,000 credits, this means you essentially have $10,000 worth of inventory (credits) in your POS to work with in advance.


If you have $2500 cash in your drawer with the “billing system”, you have just that, Only $2500 to work with! Although the Credit-System may be a bit tricky to understand at first, it is a significant advantage versus any other billing system available. Furthermore, PromoTek is the ONLY sweepstakes software company willing to give you $1000 dollars worth of credits to start.


Our clients are thrilled with the fact that PromoTek is committed to delivering sweepstakes software with cutting edge functionality. This makes it easy for the business owner to keep track of the day to day operations of their store location(s) effortlessly. Please call us to get started today!

Financial Freedom

Saturday, 10 September, 2011

Financial Independence (Wikipedia) is a term generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live indefinitely without having to work actively for basic necessities. In the case of many individuals whose financial circumstances fit this description, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.

The following are two approaches in achieving financial independence:
• Gather revenue generating assets until the generated revenue surpasses living/liability expenses
• Gather enough liquid assets to then sustain all future living/liability expenses

It does not matter how old or young someone is or how much money they have or make. If they can generate enough money to meet their needs from sources other than their primary occupation, then they have achieved financial independence.

Being financially free does not have to mean that you are a millionaire. All of us want to be millionaires in theory, but that’s not always easy to come by. It is important to set your sights on something tangible to begin with, so that you have a goal that is attainable. The goal should be to make enough in monthly passive income to equal or outweigh monthly expenses. This is something that many retirees are used to. This doesn’t have to be a goal of only those that are retired.

Basically, one must increase their income sources; most importantly through passive income. Passive income is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot in the financial world, as it’s the “gold mine” towards financial freedom. However, it is not easy to obtain in large quantities and involves a lot of financial knowledge, hard work, and conscious decisions towards achieving it. Generating large amounts of passive income can be difficult because of the risk involved. Almost all investments that generate passive income also come with high risks.

Passive Income defined: Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_income
In other words, it means making money while you are sleeping.
(Examples: Income from vending machines, rental properties, or Sweepstakes Machines!)

With sweepstakes machines, you will be able to achieve passive income in order to create financial freedom. Many of our clients set up multiple stores. For example; after being in business for many months, a typical median income producing store may generate $30,000 per month. With 10 stores that equals $300,000 per month of passive income. To learn more information about generating an endless revenue stream through PromoTek Sweepstakes gaming equipment, Call us Today!

Play Sweepstakes at Home

Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

The play at home option is unique only to PromoTek Sweepstakes. Without a web-based platform, this option is impossible to perform. The client-server model does not have this capability. In this industry there will always be some legal challenges from possible changes in local or state laws dealing with ordinances. The client-server locations typically have to shut down for a short time while new software is developed or the business owner changes out the system to attempt to be in compliance. With the PromoTek Web-based Sweepstakes solution you can stay open. The customer purchases merchandise (Internet time) from your store location and then they can reveal their sweepstakes entries from the convenience of their home. This feature allows you as the business owner to adapt to any changes that might come along.

Many years ago, in Europe, they ran into a similar situation. The European Directive that stipulates promotional games made it clear that customers can reveal sweepstakes online. This placed Promo Games – PromoTek Promotional Games in a distinctive position. Promo Games already had the web-based platform; all of their clients could have their customers purchase product from the Internet Promotional Kiosk / Totem and then send them home to reveal their entries through the entertainment side of the business model. Of course, wherever the customer purchased the original product, which is where they redeem their prizes.

The fact is you need to have the ability to be flexible and adjust to your surroundings and that is what PromoTek Sweepstakes offers to its clients. We have found that when your customers know they can actually go home and play in the convenience of their own home, your revenues increase.

Prestige Gaming

Sunday, 13 March, 2011

PromoTek Sweepstakes is a product of Promo Games and is one of the foremost pioneers of sweepstakes promotions. Originally based inEurope, Promo Games has been deploying sweepstakes promotional marketing products and sweepstakes equipment since around the year 2000. This means we have been developing promotional platforms nearly five years longer than anyone else in theAmericas.

Eventually theUSmarket developed sweepstakes promotional platforms which are now frequently deployed with older client-based onsite servers. Although the technologies display similarities, including their adherence to sweepstakes promotional compliance laws, there are a few fundamental differences between other sweepstakes platforms in theUSand the PromoTek Sweepstakes Platform. At a high technological level, there are three pillars that make PromoTek Sweepstakes solution unique:

  1. Web-Based Sweepstakes
  2. Credit-Based Accounting
  3. Multi-Tiered Distribution System

These three very important features are the foundation for the most popular sweepstakes system on the planet. Learn more about these in SweepsEd.


PromoTek Sweepstakes games have been installed in many States and Territories across the Americas. In fact, the expansion of our games through Distributors and Sales People has been astounding. The list of official store locations is growing as customers continue to call wanting a premier sweepstakes solution that only PromoTek can deliver through our Web-Based sweepstakes platform. Contact us now to get involved!

Product Licensing

Monday, 13 December, 2010

Software product licensing fees are common in the software industry. This is also true when dealing with sweepstakes software. Every sweepstakes software company charges an ongoing licensing fee. Typically, this payment is a percentage of the business owners “net hold” or “net win”. This is the amount left over after all redemptions (payouts) to customers. The percentage varies from mid 20’s to mid 30’s.
There are several different systems that the sweepstakes industry uses to invoice their clients:



Credit System: This system is used by PromoTek, and we have found it to be most efficient for all parties. With the Credit based system, there is an equal amount, dollar to credit ($1 dollar for 1 credit). Let’s say that the client (store owner) sells the product (internet time) to his customer in the amount of $50 dollars. The customer will receive 50 sweepstakes credits. These credits can be used to play the sweepstakes games. One credit may be portioned and used in as little as .02 on one game and vary to lesser or higher amounts on another game, therefore giving the customer numerous chances per dollar played. When the customer is finished playing and wishes to claim (redeem) their prizes, the winnings are converted to credits for easy calculation. The customer redeems $25 worth of credits, you pay them $25 dollars and you’ve made $25 out of $50. This system is similar to what the customer and business owner is used to. The only difference is that every time a customer losses 1 credit on the game terminal, there will be $1 that shows up on your POS, and so forth and so on. The relationship between dollars and credits makes this system very simple.


Customers will continue coming to your store to play games and you will keep giving them credits to play with. As this continues, your pool of credits will begin to diminish. At this point you will need to call PromoTek Sweepstakes and purchase more credits. You might have to call in a couple days, the following week, or after a month depending on how many credits you originally started out with. Sooner or later, you will need to procure more credits. You, the business owner, decide when to buy credits and how many you want to purchase. While using a credit based system, you will never receive an invoice.
Another BIG advantage to the Credit System is the way in which the store owner is compensated for the occasional loss day. Any new business may start out with a low volume of customers while they build their customer base. After a few big winners, a store may find itself in a loss for the day. With the older Client-Based server models that use the billing system, if there is not enough money in the register then they have to get more cash to replenish it. With PromoTek credit based system, the business will actually EARN credits for that loss day. If you lose $500 on an unprofitable day, and use a billing/invoicing system, all you have to show for it is an empty cash drawer. With the credit-based system, you would have an extra 500 credits in the POS that you didn’t have before the day started. These will be given out as dollars come in, and the net result will ultimately be $500 back in your cash drawer. Although this may be a bit tricky to understand at first, it is a significant advantage for a new business that is just starting out.
For Distributors, the credit-based system is an additional benefit. Instead of invoicing the business owners and later hunting them down to pay their bills, they will call you when they need more credits. This takes you from being a bill collector to an order taker. They can pay you over the phone with a credit card; direct cash deposit or wire the funds into your bank account. Another added advantage is that you can save all that extra money that you would otherwise have to pay your route guys for “checking-up” the equipment. Everything is done online and your locations “back office” can be viewed on any computer or smart phone from anywhere on the planet that has Internet access.
Billing System: This is the most common system typically used by software companies that use the older client-based server models. The business owner starts out with their own cash in the register. When customers purchase product, money goes into the register and when the customer wins, money comes out of the register. However, if the business owner has a loss day, he has to come up with the extra cash right then to cover the losses. In other words, if you lose $500 that day with the “billing system”, the POS will not automatically credit you. That loss is for you to absorb right then…. – That’s one of the major reasons our clients prefer using PromoTek’s credit-based system, you get 500 credits added instantaneously to your POS for the loss.


Distributors know all too well what a hassle it is to be a bill collector. How many times have you, the distributor, gone to a location to check-up or invoiced for that week to find out that the store owner doesn’t have the money to pay you? You still have to pay the software company regardless if you have collected or not.


Monthly System: This system has recently been incorporated by companies with inferior software. There is no reputable company that uses this system whatsoever. This system bills monthly for the number of game terminals you place and is a recurring cost. Although this may sound like a fantastic plan, “the proof is in the pudding”!
To our knowledge there are only a couple companies offering this payment method. These companies have no choice but to offer this type of deal because their product is not in high demand. Several of our clients have told us about the disastrous plight they’ve had in using some of this software. “No one enjoyed the games” and they lost tremendous amounts of money. VALUE is more important than PRICE. It may be a great deal to purchase a new BMW for $1000, but unfortunately, these companies are selling Hugos. Novice Investors are easily tempted by these low prices, be careful! What appears to be a milestone for finding these deals soon becomes an albatross around the business owner’s neck when they see minuscule revenues being generated. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”!


All of these payment systems accomplish the same thing; you pay the software company a fee to use their product. Our clients are thrilled with the fact that PromoTek is committed to delivering sweepstakes software with cutting edge functionality. This makes it easy for the business owner to keep track of the day to day operations of their store location(s) effortlessly.

Sweepstakes, a Finite Game

Monday, 13 September, 2010

PromoTek Sweepstakes games are legally compliant with existing laws. To have a sweepstakes, it must have a “finite pool”. A true sweepstakes system has a predetermined number of entries, winners and an exact number of prizes. These predetermined constants (entries, winners and prizes) make it a finite pool. However, we do NOT know WHO will win. This same system applies to computer sweepstakes games as seen in business centers, sweepstakes internet cafes and Internet sweeps kiosks.


This is the identical system that the multi-million dollar corporations use, like McDonalds and Coca-Cola. McDonalds uses game pieces and one must collect a certain combination to become a winner. Coca-Cola uses a number/letter combination that is located underneath the beverage cap. The customer must go online to enter the number/letter grouping to see if they have won a prize.


PromoTek’s sweepstakes software is truly based on a finite system that does not involve random number generators (like Vegas style games). The only chance involved is WHO will win the predetermined prizes. The number of prizes and the amounts have been pre-selected by the sweepstakes software – hence the term “finite” gaming.

Web-Based Sweepstakes Platform

Wednesday, 8 September, 2010

A Web-Based Sweepstakes has similar functionality as the older Client-based server models. There are several components that make both sweepstakes games operate:

The Game Terminal (GT). Also known as the sweepstakes product kiosk. The product typically being sold is Internet time or any other merchandise the business decides to sale as part of the sweepstakes promotion. The sweepstakes game terminal is where the customer accesses their Internet time and has the opportunity to play the games to reveal their sweepstakes prizes. Many sweepstakes businesses will have one to several hundred of these sweepstakes game terminals in their facility.

The Sweepstakes Game Server. This is the highly technical piece of Hardware that typically uses SQL software applications to manage the network and data base. It is sometimes referred to as the “brain” of the entire operation for the site. It manages the operations of the games, your customer’s data and the sweepstakes finite prize pool.

The Point of Sale (POS). This is the CPU that controls the basic sales to your customers. Typically, most POS units allow the business owners and employees to set up customer accounts, sale merchandise (Internet time), redeem sweepstakes prizes and do basic bookkeeping reports.

Cash Drawer, Scanner and Printer. Some sweepstakes software models will utilize this hardware to help with time management. The cash drawer, scanner and printer all work with the POS. Typically, when Internet time is purchased a receipt is given to the client with a customer number that they will use to enter on the keypad at the GT. When a customer is ready to redeem sweepstakes prizes, they will come to the window where the employee will scan the ticket to verify that the customer has won any sweepstakes prizes.

Card Reader. In some cases card readers are used. When a customer purchases Internet time, the tenant gives them a scanned card. The customer simply takes the card and slides it through the card reader at the GT or sweepstakes kiosk. The card does not have any money on it at all. The card simply has the unique customer identification on it that would have been typically given on a printed ticket. The GT communicates with the Server to verify if the card that holds the number is one from that facility, thereby, allowing the customer to login to their account. The customer can then proceed with surfing the Internet with the time they have purchased and play the free sweepstakes entries they received.

At this time there are two types of systems used in deploying a sweepstakes gaming platform; Client-Server sweepstakes model and the high technology Web-Based sweepstakes solution. Both solutions have their own “finite pool” of sweepstakes prizes per location.

The Client-Server solution requires the sweepstakes facility to have all of the components mentioned earlier to be onsite. All data is collected and stored on the Server (onsite). All of the computers used as the sweepstakes game terminals have information and programs that have been downloaded and imaged to help operate the entire sweepstakes software solution. There is usually a management CPU that helps with networking the GT’s for Internet access.

The Web-Based solution uses servers that are in “the cloud” and are located in colocation centers These facilities temperatures are carefully monitored and are considered high tech and super secure. Google, Facebook and Amazon use these colocation centers to help run their businesses. One of the advantages of using several of these centers is because if one goes down the other facility(s) have the data and this insures 100% uptime for the clients that use web-based platforms to run their software applications. PromoTek sweepstakes gaming platform uses these types of centers for their web-based solution. This allows our clients to manage their sweepstakes facilities from anywhere on the planet. Also, their customers can access the platform to play at home.

There are many benefits of having a Web-Based Internet Sweepstakes Platform installed in your sweepstakes location:

– Server is off-site
– No Cost to purchase Server
– Easy Installation (Plug and Play)
– Data is stored immediately per play
– POS / Back Office Books are off-site
– Cost to start the business is much less
– Perfect for our Internet sweepstakes totems
– Very easy to open up stores in distant locations
– New games are added instantaneously without your assistance
– Easy to check your locations books from any web-enabled device
– Customers can play at home (reveal sweepstakes entries). This means customers can play at home when you store is closed down or if a customer needs to leave, but wants to reveal their sweepstakes entries online at a later date. This gives the business owner an opportunity to make money that would otherwise be impossible with the Client-based model.

Of course the Client-server model requires you to purchase a Server and the POS that can cost thousands of dollars. The disadvantage of this system is that the Server is on-site and could face possible damage from it being moved around or drinks getting spilled on it. Eventually, all on-site servers need to have work done to them and will need to be re-placed over time from wear and tear. This means you may have to shut your business down for days or even weeks while you wait for a service technician to come to your site to repair or even replace the hardware. It cost money when you have work done to or replace a server, not to mention the lost revenue you would have made if you where open. With the web-based platform you will never have to worry about this happening.

The fact is, the Web-based sweepstakes platform is easy to install, perfect for generating much needed revenue for your store and is perfectly legal to operate. If fact, fortune 500 companies like Coco-Cola and Publishers Clearing House use the online web-based platform for their promotional sweepstakes.

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