Members of PRESTIGE GAMING SOLUTIONS started in the amusement business in 1997. We then began setting up routes with standard coin-op style games and moved towards the more lucrative Pot-O-Gold and Skill Based Games. In 2008 we set up some Sweepstakes style games for Business Centers and Internet Cafes. We soon learned that the Sweepstakes Business was about to see some explosive growth. By partnering with the right Sweepstakes Software Companies, we have been able to position ourselves right on top of the wave. We now have expanded Prestige Gaming Solutions into a full service gaming solution’s company by offering a complete line of gaming products.

PromoTek Sweepstakes is a product of Promo Games and is one of the foremost pioneers of sweepstakes promotions. Originally based inEurope, Promo Games has been deploying sweepstakes promotional marketing products and sweepstakes equipment since around the year 2000. This means we have been developing promotional platforms nearly five years longer than anyone else in the Americas.

Eventually theUSmarket developed sweepstakes promotional platforms which are now frequently deployed with older client-based onsite servers. Although the technologies display similarities, including their adherence to sweepstakes promotional compliance laws, there are a few fundamental differences between other sweepstakes platforms in theUSand the PromoTek Sweepstakes Platform. At a high technological level, there are three pillars that make PromoTek Sweepstakes solution unique:

  1. Web-Based Sweepstakes
  2. Credit-Based Accounting
  3. Multi-Tiered Distribution System

These three very important features are the foundation for the most popular sweepstakes system on the planet. Learn more about these in SweepsEd.


Our Company

PromoTek Sweepstakes has been involved in the promotional gaming industry for longer than anyone else. Our knowledgeable team has been involved in nearly every aspect of the gaming industry. We take pride in helping businesses develop their true potential through promotional sweepstakes programs.

PromoTek has offices inNorth Carolina,South CarolinaandFlorida. We have 15 team members helping us here in the Americas. PromoTek is proud to have the professional staff and experience to lead the way in the sweepstakes industry. Our clients have been extremely happy with the results they have experienced using PromoTek’s unique Web-Based Sweepstakes Platform.

PromoTek currently sells and licenses its products to nearly every state in theUSandEurope. We have designed and developed an extremely strong brand and marketed it through our distributors and sales representatives. We are always looking for new markets to install our product. To learn more on how you can become a distributor or sales rep, please contact us today!

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