Perfect for restaurant, bar, convenience store, truck stops, bowling alleys, laundromats, fraternal organizations, business centers, Internet cafes and more.
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PromoTek Sweepstakes:
Web-Based Sweepstakes Platform

The Sweepstakes Industry has seen some of the most explosive growth in the past few years! This lucrative business has been helping our clients realize higher revenues. In fact, Sweepstakes is considered the #1 BEST type of promotional marketing tool available. McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Burger King all promote their products through sweepstakes games.

PromoTek Sweepstakes is easy to install, operate and maintain. High-resolution graphics and audio make for an extremely attractive game. Our award winning custom graphics and sounds attract and captivate more players for increased revenues. Our games are considered to be the best in the Industry when it comes to games that keep your customers playing. Keep your seats full and earn more revenue with the
PromoTek Web-Based Sweepstakes Platform.


Want to start your own business and promote it with Sweepstakes Games?

Few industries have ever experienced such an Incredible growth! In fact, it is the Hottest growth industry on the planet! There are millions of dollars spent every day by people buying products for the chance to play sweepstakes. We are here to help you make the very best selection of software in the industry.
Let our representatives educate you on the best promotional sweepstakes equipment available. We will instruct you on how to open up an Internet Café, Sweepstakes Gaming Parlor or a similar sweepstakes business. Our sophisticated, multi-level tiered back office makes it easy for you to maintain your businesses around the globe. We are the only company that features a web-based sweepstakes platform. Whether it is an internet sweepstakes café, business center, bar, hotel, convenience store or any other type of location, we are here to help you succeed. Contact us now!

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