Play Sweepstakes at Home

The play at home option is unique only to PromoTek Sweepstakes. Without a web-based platform, this option is impossible to perform. The client-server model does not have this capability. In this industry there will always be some legal challenges from possible changes in local or state laws dealing with ordinances. The client-server locations typically have to shut down for a short time while new software is developed or the business owner changes out the system to attempt to be in compliance. With the PromoTek Web-based Sweepstakes solution you can stay open. The customer purchases merchandise (Internet time) from your store location and then they can reveal their sweepstakes entries from the convenience of their home. This feature allows you as the business owner to adapt to any changes that might come along.

Many years ago, in Europe, they ran into a similar situation. The European Directive that stipulates promotional games made it clear that customers can reveal sweepstakes online. This placed Promo Games – PromoTek Promotional Games in a distinctive position. Promo Games already had the web-based platform; all of their clients could have their customers purchase product from the Internet Promotional Kiosk / Totem and then send them home to reveal their entries through the entertainment side of the business model. Of course, wherever the customer purchased the original product, which is where they redeem their prizes.

The fact is you need to have the ability to be flexible and adjust to your surroundings and that is what PromoTek Sweepstakes offers to its clients. We have found that when your customers know they can actually go home and play in the convenience of their own home, your revenues increase.

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